A few words about us

Welcome to the biggest family

Thank you for becoming a part of the largest pharmaceutical group. As we have done for over half a century, we hope to be close to you and continue to provide you with solutions and guidance for all health issues you may face and at all stages of your life. Learn about our heritage .

Nature teaches, harmonizes, heals, gives life, gives health. -- N. Avgerinos

The Avgerinos Pharmacy Team and Our Stores

Staff photo with pharmacist Nikos Avgerinos at the Avgerinos Pharmacy

Each of us is uniquely different

So should our medicines. In our pharmaceutical family, we personalize the treatment for you based on your own needs and lifestyle. We record your health problem and make or prescribe the right, optimal treatment for you.

To make an appointment with us or to report your problem email us at avgerinospharmacy@gmail.com.

Personalized treatment with galenic medicines, organotherapy, homeopathy, stone therapy and much more at our place.

Friday phototherapy with mortar in the laboratory of the pharmacy Avgerinos

All knowledge of nature

With 1000+ authentic, botanical extracts from all over the Earth - for therapeutic and cosmetic use. And with 500+ soothing, medicinal & traditional recipes we have the authority and knowledge to advise and guide you to resolve your health issue.

See here some of our herbal products and extracts . You can also send us your Galenic prescription so we can prepare it for you at avgerinospharmacy@gmail.com.

Discover the world of herbal medicine and aromas and be reborn through it.

The brightest star

The brightest star of our company, Avgerinos Cosmetics perfectly expresses our passion for perfection and our belief in natural beauty products and the beneficial properties of aromatherapy. We never rest and are always looking for the most beneficial natural raw materials.

Our line of beauty products is one of the most innovative in the Greek field of cosmetics.

Check out all Avgerinos Cosmetics products.

Avgerinos Cosmetics beauty products at Avgerinos Pharmacy

Similia similibus curentur (Like cures like)

A philosophy that you maintain throughout the centuries and was first formulated by our ancient ancestor, Hippocrates. Learn more about Homeopathy and its benefits. 

Each substance has the ability to cure a disease with the corresponding symptoms it can cause.

Vegetable oils in the new eshop of Avgerinos pharmacy

Orthomolecular Nutrition

Our love for nature and organic products does not end with herbal medicine. A healthy diet is the foundation of our health and an integral part of our pharmacy's philosophy.

So if you would like to combine your purchases with the purchase of your Organic foods and other organic products, we encourage you to come to our site or click here and put a little more healthy nutrition into your life.

'Food is your medicine and your medicine is your food.'

Organic products in the physical and online store of the Avgerinos pharmacy


Our laboratory

Our well-equipped laboratory has been operating since 1964 with all production and control specifications. The scrupulous cleanliness in connection with the abundance of first-class materials and the latest technology machines at our disposal make our laboratory one of the most specialized in the field of pharmacy. Explore and learn more about our workshop.

In this way we maintain the fidelity of execution of all recipes with constant quality and excellent results.

Our productions are always "small and short" and are made in the gentlest way without the need for chemical treatment and the addition of preservatives. So we always have fresh products with all their active ingredients in action.

Pharmaceutical preparation laboratory at the Avgerinos Pharmacy

Since 1964

Our vision since 1964 is the use of natural resources for the purpose of daily research and development and always with respect for nature and man.

Nikos Avgerinos with his daughter Christina at the Avgerinos pharmacy