A few words about us 2

The pharmacy & the relationship  us with phytotherapy

Our pharmacy was founded in 1964 by Nikos Avgerinos, a great pharmacist with unlimited appetite and unquenchable thirst for the development and research of the profession. 

His desire and vision was the relief and treatment of many diseases in milder and natural ways, always in combination with classical medicine. Diseases like kidney stones, gallstones, depression etc.

  • Today (through our page), we have the opportunity to make our work, our products and our dedication to herbal medicine widely known.
  • Our goal is the transmission and development of phytotherapy with respect for nature and only with the health of our customers in mind.

Our Laboratory

The well-equipped laboratory of our pharmacy has been operating since 1964 with all production and control specifications. The scrupulous cleanliness in connection with the abundance of first-class materials and the latest technology machines at our disposal make our laboratory one of the most specialized in the field of pharmacy.

Our productions are always "small and short" and are made in the gentlest way without the need for chemical treatment and the addition of preservatives. So we always have fresh products with all their active ingredients "in action".

In this way and with our many years of experience, we maintain the faithful execution of all recipes with stable quality and excellent results in prevention and treatment.

(Our workshop is always open and we would be honored to show you around.)


Our homeopathic products are produced and maintained in a separate, very well ventilated and air-conditioned area that has no communication with the rest of the pharmacy, while all maintenance and shipping specifications are always observed.

We produce them in any form or dynamization requested and the immersion is done according to the demand 

of homeopathy by the attending physician. 

(We will be happy to show you around our homeopathy laboratory).

Homeopathy treats each patient as an individual case and tries to naturally increase their healing capacity. It got its name from the principle of Hippocrates that: "Similar things are like". Our homeopathic products are produced and stored in a separate, very well ventilated and air-conditioned area that has no communication with the rest of the pharmacy. All maintenance and waterproofing specifications are always met. We produce them in any dosage or potency requested by the attending physician.


Our relationship with perfumes is one of passion. From the selection of the highest quality raw materials and the best producers to the pre-treatment and processing of the materials to release the full body of their fragrances. 

This technique - deeply rooted in the first perfumers of Egypt and later Paris - is the difference that turns a simple scent or cologne into a real perfume. A strong but at the same time subtle scent that will leave its traces throughout the day  but without disturbing. See all our fragrances on our website or visit one of our stores.

Avgerinos Cosmetics

The brightest star of our company, Avgerinos Cosmetics perfectly expresses our passion for perfection and our belief in natural beauty products and the beneficial properties of aromatherapy. We never rest and are always looking for the most beneficial natural raw materials. Our line of beauty products is one of the most innovative in the Greek field of cosmetics.

-Our face line , with unique products that have the ability to penetrate very deep into the cellular tissue, and mimic the properties of mesotherapy to rejuvenate the entire face.

- The body line with the delicious smells and unique aromas that at the same time leave the skin shiny and hydrated.


NO parabens
NO gluten*
NO mineral oil
NO petrolatum
NO propylene glycol
NO ethanolamines*
NO sls/sles
NO phthalates*
NO butylene glycol*
NO synthetic dye
NO animal-by-products

Our products are available and you can find them

  • Online at www.avgcosmetics.gr or by phone at 210 2796238
  • In all stores with the AVGERINOS brand (Syntagma, Kifisia, Chalandri, Koropi, etc.)