Our Story & Heritage

Nikos Avgerinos with his daughter Christina at the Avgerinos pharmacy

Once upon a time... just like in fairy tales. The story of Avgerinos Cosmetics begins like this...
Koropi, early 50s.
15-year-old Nikos sets up a small "laboratory" in a corner of the Avgerinos family's house where he spends endless hours. He experiments frantically with substances of all kinds and makes creams and products for the whole neighborhood.

Nikos Avgerinos does not ultimately become a chemist, however, he channels his passion into a new field of action. In 1964, he creates in Koropi the first official laboratory for the preparation of herbal cosmetics with a license from the Ministry of Industry and approval from the E.O.F. pocket money by selling to acquaintances, friends, girlfriends and fellow students, creams that he makes in his workshop.

The Pharmacy-laboratory, an accident and a best-selling cream:
Now a pharmacist, Nikos Avgerinos opens a Pharmacy in Koropi where he also integrates his laboratory, and continues with the same passion, to study, to look for raw materials from nature and with his pharmaceutical experience as an ally, to prepare innovative galenic compositions, medicines, herbal cosmetics and homeopathic preparations.
Fucus, the famous cream for burns, was born there in June 1979, due to carelessness. Christina, his little daughter, gets a serious burn and he urgently sets out to make something to relieve her. He chooses beeswax, balsam oil, plant and marine extracts and within just two days, Fucus - from the Fucus Vesicolosus algae it contains - is ready! Its composition proves to be miraculous, it heals the skin that has suffered a burn and contributes to its faster regeneration and thus quickly becomes the best seller of his pharmacy. A success that continues to this day. Year after year, he gains the trust of his clients, who come to consult him on their own, appreciating his knowledge and the work he does on herbal and homeopathic preparations. The reputation that the products of N. Avgerinos Pharmacy are herbal and effective increases the demand, with orders arriving from all over Greece and abroad.

A passion that continues, a vision that becomes reality.

But now he is not alone in the laboratory. He also has his children, Christina and Thodoris, by his side, while his wife Fotini also offers a lot of help. Christina, also infused with the same passion for natural cosmetics, sometimes helps in their preparation by making them herself. her own experiments, and sometimes goes behind the pharmacy counter and undertakes their promotion.
In 2000, with her Pharmacist degree in hand, Christina Avgerinou officially starts making her own soaps and body creams and slowly, with courage and determination, she lays the foundations for her personal business vision: To create a new generation " sexy chic" and at the same time natural cosmetics. Products with delicious aromas and attractive packaging, which will appeal to their loyal customers as well as a younger audience. Innovative formulas, always enriched with natural ingredients that will offer not only visible results, but also a comprehensive care and enjoyment experience. A true beauty ritual.
Christina's vision took shape in October 2013 with the establishment of Avgerinos Cosmetics and the first presentation of the eponymous range of face, body and bath care products, as well as a unique line of perfumes. Thanks to the know-how as a Pharmacist and the many years of experience of its laboratories, natural ingredients are transformed into high-quality and maximally effective cosmetic formulas that stimulate the senses and ensure moments of pleasure and well-being.
After two years of promoting the products through wholesale, the next step is taken and at the beginning of 2015 the first retail store is opened in Chalandri. In the same year, the company's e-shop "opens", enabling women and men from all over Greece and later from abroad to get to know the wide range of Avgerinos Cosmetics products. In 2018, two new flagship retail stores will be added to the links of the chain, in Melissia and Kifissia, while in June 2020, the center of Athens will welcome the fourth store of Avgerinos Cosmetics, in Syntagma. At the same time, the Avgerinos Pharmacy e-shop opens, which houses all the company's therapeutic products with the aim of developing and inheriting mild and natural preparations for the relief of local and systemic diseases.

Today, Avgerinos Cosmetics has developed a wide network of cooperating stores and beauty institutes throughout Greece and abroad - its products are promoted in Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Belgium - while it participates in major cosmetics and beauty exhibitions in Greece and Italy.
And the story continues….