Homeopathic remedy for cold and cough

Winter is just around the corner and with it often comes cold season. Stuffy nose, cough, heavy head, sore throat, headache and exhaustion are some of the symptoms that accompany the winter cold. Even when the cold passes and the body has regained its strength, in many cases the cough persists
it is the symptom that will leave us last.

Coughing is a reflex action that our body uses to clear the respiratory passages and airways and a natural way for the body to remove phlegm.

Types of cough
Dry: A dry cough is unproductive and irritating. It usually feels like a tickle and produces very little or no mucus. A dry cough refers to a cough free of mucus or phlegm also known as a non-productive cough. It is very common in children and occurs in a continuous spasm, causing the patient to become tired and exhausted. It can also cause difficulty breathing and sleeping.

Wet: A wet cough is productive and expels mucus that is secreted in the throat or chest.

Cough syrup

Inula Helenium Productive Cough Syrup

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathy works therapeutically in many acute cases and has a wide range of effective medicines intended for the treatment of cough. Homeopathic preparations are medicines that consist of natural substances, they are safe, free from the side effects that chemical substances can have. Homeopathy
it aims to treat the underlying cause of the cough and cold and each symptom may require a different medication. That is why it is necessary in such a case to visit the homeopathic doctor, who when taking the history
he will ask many questions about the initial cause of the cold, when the symptoms get worse and when they improve, the frequency of the cough, what foods the patient wants in the current phase, etc. in order to collect all the information that will lead him to choose the right homeopathic medicine.
Our body is an extraordinary creation with amazing self-healing powers. Homeopathic treatment is an important tool, pushing the body in the right direction of health not only physically but also psycho-emotionally.

Some of the homeopathic medicines used for cough are:
- Aconite
- Antimonium Tartaricum
- Belladonna
- Bryonia
- Causticum
- Drosera
- Hepar Sulph
- Kali Bichromicum
-Nux Vomica
-Spongia Tosta

Basic tips for dealing with coughs and colds:
➢ Rest will significantly help the body to recover its strength.
➢ Frequent consumption of liquids such as soothing teas or warm water with honey. This will help the mucous membranes stay moist, thus releasing the congestion.
➢ Avoid sugary foods and high sugar intake as they suppress the immune system for a few hours after consumption.
➢ Steam inhalations provide relief and significantly facilitate breathing. In a large pan, heat water at a very low temperature along with a few fresh (or dried) eucalyptus leaves and then allow it to evaporate into the room. In case you can't find fresh leaves, add some eucalyptus oil to a burning device.
➢ A warm shower relaxes the body and relieves it of any pains.
➢ Avoiding smoking and eating fried foods.

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