Planet Earth 2022

In the last two years, the entire humanity has been forced to come together in order to face the invisible enemy called Covid 19.

During this time we have come to appreciate the simple everyday things we take for granted like walking freely in the neighborhood park, feeling gratitude for the air we breathe, and greatly developed solidarity and compassion for our neighbor.
It is also evident that most of us have awakened to the transience of our existence, our quality of life, our diet, and the future of the planet.
Through this great test, it is not long now, that the first rays of hope began to rise, bringing an optimistic message for the prevalence of health and the safeguarding of human life.
However, the outbreak of the Ukrainian war again came as a universal blow, this time to the supreme good of Peace and Freedom.
Really what is sadder to see human lives being lost……

However, the problem does not stop there.

Have we considered the future consequences for the natural resources of our planet? This global body that we have all been walking on for years has developed its own "diseases" as a result of the reckless use of natural resources.

Hundreds of pharmaceutical products have ended up in the water table, in the rivers, resulting in water contamination, while the invisible consequences of the war have resulted in a significant increase in air pollution, soil with final receiver, once again, the threat to health us.

But we can do something!
Small changes in our daily habits contribute significantly to the improvement of the situation and limit the spread of negative consequences.

So we try:
-We use recycling for our daily waste.
- Don't waste water and electricity.
-We follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet and limit the consumption of animal food.
- We dare plant based nutrition on our menu!!
- To clean our house and car, we use biodegradable ecological cleaners that do not harm the oceans.
-We take the multipurpose bag with us.
-We consume organic products and use herbal cosmetics for body care.
- We introduce utensils in the kitchen made from natural materials.

With these simple steps we strengthen the collective effort to improve the situation and build a better future for the generations to come.

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