I make my own muesli

The good day from the morning seems !!!
We start the day with an energizing muesli that we will make ourselves. We all want a change in our breakfast, so we will make a common muesli base with the possibility of choosing additional ingredients. This choice will be between the sweet taste (berries, dried fruit) and the nutty taste.
We collect the food we will need based on the nutrients and energy our body needs to cope with the demanding rhythms of everyday life.

The basis for the muesli includes the following cereals:
Oatmeal – Unrefined Carbohydrates, B-Glucans, Cholesterol Lowering
Quinoa flakes – essential amino acids, low glycemic index, high satiety
Buckwheat flakes – source of magnesium, zinc, copper
Almond flour – essential fats, calcium, vitamin E

Additional ingredients - Sweet option
Raisins – source of iron, energy, potassium
Goji berries – vitamin A, antioxidants, antiaging
Blueberries – good eyesight, strengthens the heart, benefits muscle tissue
Plums - strengthens intestinal flora, source of iron, benefits hair

Additional ingredients – Nuts
Black Sesame – Vitamins A, B, C, source of calcium, promotes good skin
Crushed flaxseed – source of phosphorus, vital fats, essential amino acids
Pistachios – Vitamin B1, B6, biotin, promotes good vision
Pumpkin seed - source of potassium, magnesium, helps sleep well
The milk we will use can be animal or vegetable such as almond, oat, rice, etc.

After gathering all the ingredients, now it's time to make our own mixture.

For the base of 1 breakfast portion, add:
-3 tbsp oat flakes
-2 tbsp quinoa flakes
-1 tbsp buckwheat flakes
-1 tbsp almond flour
- Sweet choice
-1 kg of cranberries
-1 tbsp goji berries
-1⁄2 tbsp blueberries
-1 prune, chopped
-Choice of nuts

First, grind the pistachios and pumpkin seeds until they take the form of a fine powder and then add to the bowl of the base:
1 tbsp black sesame
1 tbsp flaxseed crushed
2 tbsp ground pumpkin seeds and pistachios

Using the above ratio in the base of the mixture, we can make a larger quantity, which we will keep in a bowl in the refrigerator. This will serve us practically and is an economical solution since the amount of materials will cover our nutritional needs for a long time.

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