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Ο Ρόλος των Ηλεκτρολυτών στη Σωστή Ενυδάτωση του Σώματος..

The Role of Electrolytes in Proper Hydration of the Body

We are in the heart of summer and the high temperatures require an increased consumption of fluids and water to properly hydrate the body. Water has been associated with the...
ΚΕΤΟ μπουκίτσες αμυγδάλου με saffron & Cranberries μέσα σε πιάτο με υλικά από το Φαρμακείο Αυγερινός

KETO Almond Bites with Saffron & Cranberries

What's more relaxing than drinking your coffee while eating fluffy almond pieces!!! The dessert we are going to make today reminds us of the sunrise since the unique aroma of...
 Κοπέλα που φτιάχνει smoothie σε μιξερ με aswagandha με υλικά & συνταγή από το Φαρμακείο Αυγερινός

Great Aswagandha smoothie

For 3 cups we will need: 2 ½ fl. unsweetened rice or almond milk 1 ½ bananas 2-3 yellow-saffron stamens 1/2 tsp. Ashwagandha powder 1.4 kg vanilla powder 1 tbsp...

Chocolate cake with dates and coconut sugar

Delicious vegan chocolate cake that can also be used as a base for a cool cheese cake. To reduce the sugar content we will use dates and banana. Coconut sugar...
Σαλάτα μεκινόα και superfoods σε ξύλινο μπολ με υλικά & συνταγή από το Φαρμακείο Αυγερινός

Quinoa salad with superfoods

Tasty salad with buckwheat quinoa and superfoods. Our salad is hearty and of high biological value as it contains: ✔ The essential amino acids we get from quinoa. Amino acids...

Vegan Protein Burger

Sandwich with protein veggie burger and fresh vegetables The favorite sandwich comes with us on the summer picnic on the beach, on the excursion or in the office. Below is...

I make my own muesli

The good day from the morning seems !!! We start the day with an energizing muesli that we will make ourselves. We all want a change in our breakfast, so...
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Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Bach remedies can help your pets in exactly the same way they help you and the rest of your family....

Bach Flower Remedies in Pregnancy

All kinds of complementary approaches have something to offer moms-to-be. Bach remedies are especially helpful because they are connected to...

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You can get Flower Potions in a number of ways, the instructions here are designed to be easy to remember....
Το σύστημα ανθοιαματων Βαch είναι πολύ απλό. Μπουκάλι με ανθοιαματα από πίσω

How Bach Flower Remedies are made & The Simplicity of the System

There are 38 remedies in the Bach healing system. All of these were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by...